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The Tesla Conspiracy

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We love our readers and fans! Here's where we get a chance to show it!

Here is our first Fan Art from a 9-year-old reader, who made a movie poster based upon The Tesla Conspiracy novel as part of a school book report! Good Job!


Here are some of our reader's reviews posted on! Thank you!

"This is a great read! interesting, intriguing, great undercover work. Tesla definitely didn't get enough credit for his work.” -Wendy F. Blackburn

"This is the book to read! If you want to change the world and make it better!! This is it, read it, and if you can build it do it and we shall change the world! Let us change this world of conspiracies and lies! This book carries a true concept embedded in a modern day story. The story holds you to your seat no matter what age or from what country you come from! This book is relevant not only if you are a US citizens or if you are in China! The message is clear and it should change the way you look at our world because again... This is the TRUTH told in a story so that you can absorb it. May we all strive for a future free of energy dependence. It’s an old technology withheld from us.... Why.... Read the book and find out why!!!!! Then let's all change it!!” -Rodnina

"Besides being very informative about Tesla (I knew some about him), the story created by Michael Finley was very interesting, suspenseful and entertaining. Once I started, I could hardly put it down. Thanks Michael.” -James Atkinson

“While it's true that the lightning and government stencil font on the cover of the book does imply a faster-paced introduction, the author does not disappoint with this intrinsically captivating novel [rooted in historical accuracy].

Starting off with a brief but promising prequel, we're injected into a violent and detestable world where sinister forces usurp even the highest branches of our nation. Although Finley promises action, it's true that the next act in this composition has a slower pace of revelation than its predecessor.

I promise you, that through the necessary relation of facts and fiction, Finley will immerse you into a world of science and shadows that teems with cogency, validity, and suspense that will leave your palms sweating and your head racing. This fictional episode seems almost factual; the old-fashioned American values, heartfelt friendships, and perseverance in the eve of imminent destruction make every page seem more enthralling than the most vivid dreams and nightmares we've canvassed in our lifetimes.

You will not see much action for the first third of the novel. When the pace picks up, you'll feel the acceleration and wish that you'd had time to strap yourselves in. Lightning has struck once here, it will be good to see where Finley will strike next.” -Soufflé-Etc “Makay”

I loved this book especially the exciting ending. It was very well researched and left me wanting to learn more. I had only heard a little about Tesla before I read this book. This is a very timely subject for 2012 -- free energy and the opposition to it.” -Janet S Thompson

The Tesla Conspiracy
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