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The Tesla Conspiracy

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Nikola Tesla


NIKOLA TESLA: “The Tesla Conspiracy” is a fictitious story based on Nikola Tesla’s actual experiments and theories.  Born near Belgrade, Yugoslavia, but spending most of his adult life in the United States, Tesla holds a legendary status throughout the world.  Like many legends, his life has been subject to fantastic retellings and modern myths.  However, he was undoubtedly one of the greatest and most prolific inventors in world history, and many of his inventions and theories continue to influence modern life, including microwave energy, alternating current electricity, radio, wireless communications, and top-secret military technology. He developed an electric car that drew energy out of thin air and drove it for a week at speeds up to 90 miles per hour, then dismantled the vehicle and never revealed its secrets after the U.S. Media suggested that the car ran on black magic or voodoo. Tesla was the scientist who discovered that every object, animate or inanimate, alive or dead, vibrates at its own frequency, and theorized that a radio or sound vibration could be sent out that would conflict with or interrupt that object’s vibrations, destroying the object. While it is unknown whether or not he ever created a working frequency interrupter weapon, the U.S. military has long been suspected of experimenting with sound weapons, and his particle-accelerator “death ray” was the weapon involved in the still mysterious Philadelphia Experiment.

KATHY OLSEN is an unusually brilliant and attractive, yet somewhat
tom-boyish coed working on her Master’s degree in electrical engineering,
with a computer science minor. Driven by a passion for the collective works of Tesla and the technologies surrounding his supposed development of a free energy vehicle, she is bound and determined to unlock the secrets of perpetual energy that he took to the grave. Is she brilliant enough to duplicate Tesla’s free energy vehicle experiment? Are the suspicious events and deaths happening around her evidence of a conspiracy to stop her? If so, how will she survive against the powers that be? 

JULIE LOZANO is Kathy’s roommate and best friend. Her major in history and minor in computers make her a self-described “double geek.” Her obsession with the late-night radio talk show “Midnight Mysteries” puts her somewhat on the fringe of a society that is afraid to consider the possibility of paranormal phenomena and conspiracies. She immediately recognizes that Kathy is in danger because of her free energy car experiment. Is she just paranoid? Kathy thinks so, at least at first.

BEN GRAZER is a computer technician who, like Kathy, is fascinated with
Nikola Tesla’s work. He develops a frequency interrupter weapon, proving one of Tesla’s theories, and hopes to sell it to the U.S. military as a non-lethal weapon to destroy the weapons of enemies. A group of mercenaries force him to test fire the weapon for them, but it short circuits after the successful test and is destroyed. When he cannot reproduce the weapon, the mercenaries punish him in the cruelest manner imaginable. Ben does not know Kathy until they both find themselves hiding from ruthless people who want to take their inventions and keep them away from the public or the military. Is there a connection between the mercenaries and the Men in Black who pursue them? Even with Ben’s and Kathy’s collective genius, can they survive against a conspiracy that is broader than they could have imagined?

BILL BRIGHTON is an electrical engineering professor whose former idealism has been broken, along with his dreams, but he becomes the mentor for a promising graduate student named Kathy Olsen. As Kathy proceeds with her Master’s thesis inspired by Nikola Tesla’s free-energy car experiment, Bill gently tries to dissuade her, but eventually reveals that he had nearly succeeded with a similar experiment many years earlier, only to be stopped and “controlled” by the powers that be, who forced him to work at the University under watchful eyes. He gives her a few hints that help her to unlock the mysteries of free energy, but how much has he risked by doing so?

ANGELA BISCOTTI, the Dean of Electrical Engineering at the university Kathy and Julie attend, is beautiful, but very cold and uptight. She runs the Electrical Engineering program with an iron fist and promptly tries to dissuade Kathy from using the free energy car experiment for her Master’s thesis. Is she just too conservative to allow such radical thinking or does she have some other, more sinister, motivation?

JACK WHITE meets Julie and Kathy partway into the college semester. He is a history student with a computer science minor, just like Julie, though a year or two behind her. Julie quickly falls in love with Jack, but Kathy thinks he’s a little too smooth and the timing of his arrival is a little too convenient. Jack not only agrees with Julie’s concerns that Kathy may be in danger, he helps her find a special group, The Tesla Underground, that hides inventors who are in danger.

GREGG TOLL is the host of a fictional top-rated international radio talk show, “Midnight Mysteries,” which discusses conspiracies, UFOS, and paranormal phenomena. He is Julie’s hero. Kathy finds Gregg intelligent, kind, and surprisingly down-to-earth, but what can a talk radio host do to help her survive? In the screenplay, the radio host is GEORGE NOORY, the real-life host of the phenomenal top-rated international radio talk show, "Coast to Coast AM." 

“MEN IN BLACK” is a term that has been used for decades to describe covert agents who try to stop and cover up unwanted scientific discoveries and advances. Do they exist? If so, who sponsors their dirty work? Do any of the characters described above belong to their mysterious and sinister ranks?

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The Tesla Conspiracy
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