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The Tesla Conspiracy

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Kathy Olsen's invention could change the world,
      but someone doesn't want it to change...

Kathy Olsen is an unusually brilliant and attractive graduate student who is fascinated with the works of early 20th Century inventor Nikola Tesla, especially his experiments with free energy.  She is determined to re-create Tesla’s experiment with an automobile that needed neither gasoline nor electrical recharging. She presses forward despite ominous warnings from her roommate, Julie Lozano; her professor, Bill Brighton; and the Dean of Electrical Engineering, Angela Biscotti. 
Kathy perseveres fearlessly, but the closer she gets to succeeding, the more convinced she becomes that the mysterious events happening to her and others around her are symptoms of a conspiracy to stop her at all costs.  When someone close to her dies under suspicious circumstances, she goes on the run and Julie introduces her to anti-establishment cult icon George Noory of the international Coast-to-Coast AM radio program. She joins a mysterious society known as The Tesla Underground to hide from her pursuers, but soon feels that she cannot trust this organization, either. In the Underground, she meets Ben Grazer, an inventor who has proven Tesla’s theories regarding high-tech weapons systems, only to have his family killed by apparent mercenaries trying to steal his technology.
Soon, Kathy, Ben, and Julie find themselves running for their lives from a conspiracy that is larger than any of them had imagined. George Noory appears to be the only one they can trust and the only one who can help them. But what can a radio host do against a widespread, well-armed conspiracy, and will help arrive in time?

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The Tesla Conspiracy
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