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Gas prices are at record highs and the price of crude oil is only going up. The cost of electricity is skyrocketing, making it nearly impossible for most people to keep cool and safe during the blistering hot months of summer. Winter will be here soon and many won't be able to afford the outrageous cost of heating oil. We are teetering on a global energy crisis.


What would you say if I told you that for almost 100 years the technology has been available to provide the world with nearly free energy, an energy source that was self- renewing and virtually harmless to the environment? What would you say if I told you oil and energy companies were conspiring to keep these technologies away from us so that they can make maximum profits, regardless of the suffering it caused?


Would it make you mad?


Would it make you mad enough to do something about it?


Who was Nikola Tesla?


Nikola Tesla, born 1856, was an unusually brilliant inventor and engineer of Serbian descent who came to the United States at the age of 28.

Though too many to list, some of his greatest accomplishments were things like:

  1. Creating Alternating Current (AC) (1887)
  2. Designing the first electrical generating plants on the Niagara (1896)
  3. Taking the first X-ray images (1891)
  4. Creating neon and fluorescent lighting (1891-2)
  5. Being the real inventor of broadcast radio
  6. Fathering the science of robotics

What was the Tesla Conspiracy then?


The historical conspiracy associated with Nikola Tesla started long before his death with efforts to discredit him, then began to snowball at the time of his death. In 1901, Tesla patented a device that could draw electricity directly from the atmosphere. In a documented experiment for the Pierce Motor Car Company in 1931, Tesla built that technology into a vehicle that could run continuously on this free electricity.


Directly after his death, agents of the United States Government raided Nikola Tesla's living quarters and prevented his family from entering. Later, when his family was allowed access to Nikola’s room, it was reported by his family that all of his technical writings and research had been confiscated.


Strong evidence of the historical conspiracy to conceal this information is seen in American textbooks that repeatedly list Marconi as the radio's inventor, completely ignoring the 1943 ruling of the United States Supreme Court that Nikola Tesla was the true inventor!


Over the years, many brave and creative souls have endeavored to recreate the many different works of Tesla. A great number of those people have been threatened, have had their work and property destroyed, and in some cases, have disappeared or died.


What is the Tesla Conspiracy today?


The Tesla Conspiracy of today is a mystery/thriller novel (and planned feature film) that is an exciting vehicle for spreading the truth about Nikola Tesla and his free energy technology and endeavors to expose a far-reaching conspiracy being perpetrated by various oil and power companies to suppress the possible surfacing of any of the alternative energy technologies created by Nikola Tesla, technologies that would create incredibly inexpensive and reliable energy.


“Why suppress the technology,” you ask?


Good old-fashioned greed is why!


Over the course of several years, the writer and the producer of the Tesla Conspiracy have worked diligently to bring to light the truth of what is happening with regards to the energy crisis in America and throughout the world. For several years, numerous well known screen actors and investors have shown ecstatic interest and support for the Tesla Conspiracy. Strangely enough though, many of these investors have, abruptly and without reason, pulled their support of the movie. The producer has been told on several occasions that “THEY” would never let him make this movie. The writer experienced death threats. Both the writer and the producer had their U.S. mail intercepted, opened, and interfered with.


Well, those who we can call “THEY” have sorely underestimated the tenacity of this writer and this filmmaker. “THEY” have under estimated all of you.


The former grass roots effort to raise funds to make the movie has been suspended. However, if you would like to see the movie made, the best thing you can do is to buy the book and to tell others about it. A top-selling book will often create interest in Hollywood to make a movie.


The links on the home page show how to purchase the book as a Kindle e-Book ($5.99) or as a paperback ($14.99, sometimes less depending upon the seller). There is also a link to borrow the book from the Kindle Library for free if you are an Amazon Plus member. In addition, there is a link on the left of this screen for a FREE sample of the book! This provides about 20 pages of insight into the book, including the full Prologue and selections from several other chapters. Feel free to download the sample and forward it to friends and relatives who might be interested.


A great book/movie can change the world if it changes the hearts and minds of the people who see it!


Stand up for your rights to freedom of information and FREE energy!

Inquiries about interviews with the author and/or film producer, or investing or otherwise participating in the film should be directed to:
The Law Offices of Michael D. Finley
28212 Kelly Johnson Parkway, Suite 195
Valencia, CA 91355-5088

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The Tesla Conspiracy
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