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Tesla's 1901 Patent #685,957
Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy

This is the full-size device that Nikola Tesla is believed to have miniaturized for the 1931 Pierce Arrow free energy car. Note Tesla's assertion on the second page that he has ACTUALLY OBSERVED the device producing electricity. This is a PUBLIC RECORD proving that the technology has existed to produce electricity from radiant energy for more than 100 years! Now that the patent has expired, ANYONE CAN PRODUCE THIS DEVICE. Feel free to bookmark this page, print these pages or save the patent text jpg files to your computer. Please especially spread the word to everyone you know by sending them a link to this site and/or sending them copies of these patent pages.






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"THEY" insisted on playing games with us (See "The Conspiracy to Interfere with the Film"). We were only making a fictional film that referenced Tesla's true experiments, and we anticipated "THEY" would try to discredit the film as merely fictional. Now that "THEY" have tried to interfere with the film's financing, we are posting the truth for the WORLD to see how to produce FREE ENERGY! The more "THEY" mess with us, the harder we will work to bring the TRUTH to light!!!

The Tesla Conspiracy
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